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Maria Hansson Botin. Passionate radio journalist.




After receiveing my degree in journalism at JMG, University of Gothenburg, in 2012, I worked as a researcher with Laika Film & Television, conducting investigative journalism for the SVT program "Dokument inifrån". After that I was working as a reporter at the Swedish Broadcasting Company, with both local and national news programs. In recent years I've been focusing on longer stories and documentaries for the radio.

Other engagements

Since 2016 I run the non-profit association Min Mic together with freelance journalist Lasse Edfast. Through the association we teach youth from the Gothenburg area Hisingen about radio, journalism and democracy to give them the means to tell their stories. Read more about the project (in Swedish) on: Min Mic.

For inquiries about lectures on journalism and dramaturgy, see contact info below.

I also take on assignments as a fixer in Sweden for international media.


Written stories

The al-Qaeda-leader who got away

Story for the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten about Mahfouz Ould al-Walid, former mufti in al Qaeda and personal spiritual advisor of Osama bin Laden, who was once chased by the US but now lives freely in the open in Mauritania.

Full story, in Swedish, here: Här lever Usama bin Ladins rådgivare Mahfouz Ould al-Walid i frihet

Radio productions

I mainly work with the longer documentary format but also with shorter stories for the radio. Most of the work I do is for the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, Sveriges Radio.



Guantánamo and the war on terror

For P3 Dokumentär.


Hurricane Katrina

For P3 Dokumentär.


Refugee smuggler Heidari

For P3 Dokumentär. About one of Europes most notorious refugee smugglers.


The fire catastrophe at Borås Stadshotell

For P3 Dokumentär. About one of the most disastrous fires in Swedish modern history in 1978. When students celebrating graduation gets caught in a fire at a club.


The train crash in Lerum

For P3 Dokumentär. About the accident in 1987 when two passenger trains collide at full speed.


The accident in Lillhärdal

For P3 Dokumentär. About what happens in a tiny rural village when one of the "bad boys" kills a young girl when he hits her with his cross bike.


The Marina Johansson case

For P3 Dokumentär. About a murder mystery that will take unusual turns in the Swedish judicial system and become the the break through for the organization Missing People.


The drug dealer

For P1 Dokumentär. About an amfetamin addict and dealer trying to go clean and become a better father to his kids.



Slavery lives on in Mauritania

Studio Ett


The divorce and the loyalties

Känsligt läge med Klara Zimmergren


Breaking the norm

Känsligt läge med Klara Zimmergren


Icelandic food - growing bananas but not wheat

Meny i P1


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